Prayers for Dana’s Bronchoscopy


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img_8415          Prayers have always worked wonders for her. She will undergo Bronchoscopy and Trach size resizing tomorrow, September 14 at 11:30 am. She is growing that she needs a little longer trach. She has currently a 3.5 Pedi Bivona Flextend TTS (cuffed) and the new one will be 4.0. When you look at it in x-ray, it is just fairly longer. At the same time, they will do a bronchoscopy on her. Bronchoscopy is a procedure that allows your doctor to look at your airway through a thin viewing instrument called a bronchoscope. During a bronchoscopy , your doctor will examine your throat, larynx , trachea , and lower airways (Web MD). Dana has had no issues so far aside from her lupmonary hypoplasia (left lung) and this procedure will check if all are still ok.

bronchoscopy          But still, Dana will be placed under anesthesia. We are praying for her to tolerate the procedure. We pray also that she is stable after the procedure and we pray for good results. It is an outpatient procedure, so we pray that we can go home after.

I assisted patients in Endoscopy back home so I know how it’s done.Now that I  work in a Surgical unit taking care of post-op patients, I know each patient recovers differently with the other even if undergoing the same procedure. But knowing such things doesn’t make it easier for me as a mom. So I turn to praying (all the time) to lay my anxiety.

Dana had this before and she did well marvelously. She is strong, much more stronger than her mom and dad. We will be positive and pray for the best for her.

       And if it’s not too much to ask, please include her in your prayers or just even you thoughts. My family will be very grateful. May God bless you all for your kindess. 





7 Months and more Blessings


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IMG_7248     Seven wonderful months at home. I can’t believe that I have not blogged that long. God has been really good to Dana. So much have happened and so many changes, but it all boils down to blessings that God has given, with a lot of help from all who prayed.

We were discharged February 24, 2016 from having  been admitted March 31, 2015. It was a long journey and battle for life. We look back appreciating everything that we learned on those difficult times. Now we have moved to another place and I am working at UT Clemens Hospital as a night shift nurse. We are just few miles away from Dana’s doctor clinics and the hospital itself. It is safer for her and better for us.

We prayed for healing everyday, as well as strength. We prayed for Dana’s life. WE even prayed for acceptance. It was 11 months of begging to God to bless Dana. I asked and begged all who knew us for prayers. God was so great that He listened to our hearts. He blessed Dana but in His own pace. We trusted Him and His ways.

Niel and I were just holding on each other for strength. It was tough, and it was a  challenge to us.But our love for Dana carried us through. We would switch often from going back to Tyler and Dallas. I would drive 2 hours to work and 2 hours coming to Dana. I conquered my fear of freeways, driving 70mph or more. If I don’t, I won’t be able to see her. I had to drive many times on tough road in heavy rain. I had to tell my self constantly to be strong because Dana was being strong herself.

12823414_10154022519716967_1388590883082857374_oOur family and friends were God’s greatest gift to us. We had no one to cry to, they were  there. We  did not have the luxury to see them in person, but their help to everything was the same. They helped us from prayer to our financial issues. Even strangers, friends of our friends and anyone who knew about Dana’s story, prayed with us.

Eleven months in the hospital, gave us a new family. The nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists and techs who were consistently taking care of Dana became our confidant and family. There were those who took each day with her as their regular work but there were those who cried and poured their emotions with us.  We are grateful. I still have their faces and names in my heart, and I will never forget them in this lifetime.

Workplace was my avenue where  I could thank everyone. It was a place I could give back to God’s kindness. I had a different perspective of nursing. As I take care of others, I believe  I am giving back to God all what He gave to Dana. As I take care of others, I feel that I am giving back to everyone who helped and prayed for us.

Now we are home but we still have a tough road ahead of us. We will continue to pray for Dana and her healing. We will continue to pray for strength. For each day that we wake up and enjoy her is a day we are grateful for. For each day that we have people who help us take care of her, and allow us and Niel to enjoy oursevles..we are grateful. We look forward to tomorrow with so much hope and love.

Retelling June 11 Out of CV ICU

  I had to go back because as much as I honor the nurses taking care of Dana, i have not blogged my gratitude to them. I did post on my facebook.

That was Day 62 when we got transferred were transferred to PICU from Cardiac ICU last night. It was dana’s home for 2 months and we couldn’t be more thankful for everyone who took really good care of her specially those days when she was really unstable. We are very thankful for her care team nurses who became her sister (or mother – Courtney, Meredith, Jodi, Lindsay G.) and knew her so much as to what gets her upset and how to make her calm…who was caring enough to find ways before things go bad for her. It is not easy to allow “strangers” to totally take care of ur baby when im at work but everytime i knew it’s them, i knew in my heart that Dana is in good hands. Two months ago, there was one baby moved out of the cardiac icu to allow us to be in her/his room and now, we are moving out because another baby needs immediate cardiac attention and we understand that. 

It took as a while to get used to the new place and get to know people again. But they turned out to be our friends during our stay. It was a training place for us how to handle dana. It was going back and forth with the trachs sizes. But all went well. I would be very thankful to her Care team. I will always be indebted to her care team nurses Veronica, Salena, Joan, Kathy, Elizabeth and Deb. This time we enjoyed the Respiratory Therapists who knew how she reacts go the vent. We thank u Carol Anne, Courtnie, Genie, Janice and Armando.may God bless you all for your goodness.

   We are in a new area now and we know still that  she will be taken cared well because God will make sure of that. We are on our way to’s not easy still but it is miraculously happening. 

“Faith may not make things easy but it makes things PoSsiBLe”. –THAT we were told and we much believe in. Thank u for all your prayers .