Let’s Do Exercise to Keep Cancer Away

Literally doing exercise won’t be a vaccine against cancer. There are studies that supports the claim that individuals who are diagnose with cancer alleviates several negative symptoms such as low self esteem, mood lability, and poor tolerance to pain.

With regular exercise there were researches that prove that it is beneficial and could give a positive effect on the behavior of clients undergoing therapy. It also has a good effect in the heart. It improves its performance and keeping it in its optimum level of functioning.

Physical activity such as exercise could maintain extra calories and fats away. It plays a concrete role in maintaining balance in the function of other system and maintain energy balance decreasing the risks of metastasize on other organs. Through exercise clients on therapy has a feeling of well being and more stable in mood, and having more positive in their outlook on their current situation.

Exercise would also increase motivation and adherence to therapy amongst client. The structured activity will take effect on the area of fatigue especially during therapy session. Muscles would be kept active and not be wasted due to inactivity. The said activity could also lessen the risk of osteoporosis, promote blood circulation especially to lower extremities, and alleviate anxiety and avoiding depression to sink in.

But there should be some precautions that needed to be observed to ensure safety of the client. Some of the precautionary measures that should be in place are the following; the CBC count should be done regularly so as to monitor the presence of anemia. Monitoring essential fluids and electrolyte level should also be done. A client should not be allowed to do exercise if the electrolyte levels are not normal. Avoid routines that are too rigid and that can cause and fall or injury. Safety should always be the top priority.

Exercise is not only a must for an individual who is suffering from a certain disease like cancer. It is a must for a healthy person to think of a program to maintain the body healthy and free from any disease. It is the responsibility of each individual to keep and maintain one wellness and promote a cancer free life through exercise.

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