oils3You may have read a lot about essential oils and diffusers, and just shrugged it off.  I was like you then.  My friends may have talked about it but I just had no time but when I did, it’s actually worth it. I haven’t tried it for a year but I am pretty sure that I’ll stick with this.

For now, I am having fun diffusing although these essential oils can be used through a LOT more ways.


Yes, history will show you that it has been used as remedies for many ailments. Essential oils are distilled from different parts of plants. They have antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which we can use without any side effects. This means, it can help you whenever you have headaches, stuffy nose, stomach pains, muscle pains and even help you sleep better.

I’m not saying that it will cure better than modern science medicines, but essential oils can aid in comfort and healing. I had my eyes set on Frankincense which is known to help in healing for many many years. My daughter, has developmental problems and  has a couple of neuro medicines. With researches that Frankincense increases oxygen reuptake in the brain by 33%, I’d like to have it in my home.

I work 12 hours night shift and it can wear me out. It’s good to have something to help your muscles and head relax without taking too much medicine (or no medicines at all). It worked for me, and the people I know. Aside from your basic medicine kit that you carry all the time (I do), you can also have a kit that you can use for relief of discomfort. You can carry Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree and Frankincense or the blends that’s a combination of oils.

However, it is a MUST to check with your doctor if you are pregnant. Essential oils cross the placental barrier and there are oils that can be harmful to the unborn child.

Also, there are essential oils are not safe to use for children under 6 months or 10 years old. It is important to read and find a brand that tells you this upfront or talk to people who knows much about essential oils.


When you diffuse essential oils, they are carried via water mist to our system as we breathe them. You are actually breathing something natural rather than parabens from candles or chemicals from warmers. For me, that’s BIG thing.

oils4It’s the same as those humidifiers you add drops of eucalyptus to make you breathe better when you have colds or the smell of coffee just starts your day right. With essential oils, the benefits are more.

When essential oils are used topically or applied to skin, it  has to be mixed with a carrier oil.  When you read about essential oils, there’s a lot of things you can do with it. You can even use them for personal care and household cleaning.



oils1For a household where someone smokes, you can diffuse so the air purifies. You have kids in the house or even yourself, do you really want to keep breathing that nicotine all the time?

Even your car, you can use essential oils rather than car fresheners. You get a fresh feeling with how these essential oils smell plus you can use an oil purifies the air, or make you feel breathe better or make you relaxed.

If you even look at what essential oils can do, you can add it to your favorite bath essentials for a whole a beautiful detox regimen.


4. IT’S FUN.

You can diffuse a single scent or mix essential oils together. It’s like cooking where you can make recipes. I love the smell of peppermint in the morning but sometimes, I mix it with lemon to give it a twist. Then I tried cinnamon and the house just smelled really good.

As for my daughter’s room, I diffuse Frankincense in the morning most of the time.  Sometimes mix it with another floral since Frankincense has a very masculine scent.

 You can even have accessories like bracelets and necklaces that uses essential oils so you get their therapeutic effect wherever you go.


There’s this one brand that has a good online community of essential oil users. You get to know strangers and find that you have other things in common that the essential oils. It’s an ongoing learning.

 Me and my friends who are into this are constantly checking on what we use these essential oils and what it does. Even with the people that I am with almost everyday, this is something that we share about especially when it means that it can help our love ones.

Now how do you start? There are couple of ways.

  • Ask around for people who use essential oils as to what they use and the diffuser they have. It gives you a first-hand information on how essential oils are used


  • Research the oils. If there’s something that you like, read if it’s safe for the kids. These essential oils have their own different effects and it is advised to use with caution on kids and pregnant women.


  • If you get interested and want to try right away, buy a diffuser on stores like Target, Bath and Beyond or wherever you like. You might as well buy your oils. That’s what I did when I decided to use essential oils. Then I ordered some oils online (Florihana, Plant Therapy, Edens Garden, Radha Beauty) when I got familiar with other essential oil companies.


  • oils2If you want to get the whole essential oil experience without stressing out where and what to get then buy from established companies like Young Living that have a starter kits which includes a diffuser and essential oils. Their essential oils are pure oils and they give you incentives all the time. My member ID is 14039045 or click bit.ly/jonimarie, should you like to get this option. I can help you have fun with your oils.  I use a couple of brands of essential oils that I use so I am familiar with how they can be when I use them. If you want something that lasts longer when you diffuse, Young Living is your  essential oil.

 The literature and amount of study they put into this will make you feel confident about your own essential oil journey.


Final take

In reality, there’s a lot more reasons to try essential oils and enjoy Aromatherapy. My reasons are simple. It’s  beautiful, therapeutic and it’s natural.