What is Congenital Scoliosis?

CongenitalCongenital Scoliosis is a term used to describe deformity of the spine which resulted from malformation of vertebrae. Dana has currently 72 degrees curvature.

Research shows that it happens early in development, about 5th or 6th weeks of formation. There has been no strong researches or evidences of it related to heredity either. Some are not diagnosed until a scoliosis screening is done in schools but there are some, like Dana, whose curvature has been visible during my prenatal ultrasound.

If the curves are detected early, then there is a greater chance that it can be corrected non-surgically. However, depending on the recommendation of the doctor based on the degree of curvature is whether it will be surgically corrected or not.

How is the Scoliosis corrected?

14670738_10154656962911967_271473475822535251_nIt really depends on the person’s age, degree of curvature. location of the curve, amount of correction needed and other underlying medical issues. So it is important to see a specialist to help with your scoliosis. My daughter is being seen at Scottish Rite Hospital for her scoliosis by Dr. Amy Mcintosh. 

  • Devices – this refers to the braces used to correct the curvature, and support
  • Surgery
    • Spinal Fusion – joining two bones  (or more) in the spine to prevent movement of the spine
    • Bone Grafting – bone placement for fractured areas of the spine
  • Therapy – for curvatures less than 30 degrees, as it will help flexibility on enable optimal functioning

Dana’s case is a congenital rod. Her curvature is due to fused ribs on her left vertebra . Her scans states thoracolumbar kyphoscoliosis and dislocated left hip.