Having Fun with Pre-Nup Pictorials

Our  schedule has been  really crazy lately but its more fun than we expected. I haven’t blogged for a while because we weren’t situated in one place for a long time until now.

May 3 was our schedule for the PreNup photoshoot. This was one thing I have always been looking forward. We wanted a beach pictorial, something like “Summer Sexy” theme. We both love the beach that’s for sure.

Simply Gray Studio, one of the finest here in Davao, did the photo shoot for us. Milvene, their main man, was a genius and really fantastic. He, together with 2 assistants, made every single moment count. It was just like a simple pose but when he lets us see his shots, it was spectacular. We are getting happier and pleased as time went by.

grey2My hair and make-upwas done by a very good friend, Noeh Jani.  He was Niel and I’s schoolmate way back in grade school. Now he is known as one of  the best make-up artists in the metro. I was happy he accepted my request, considering I can also talk to him about the day’s angst and jitters. I believe that he did not just made me beautiful, he made me gorgeous (lol!).

The pictorial was in SECDEA Resort in Samal, one of the new beaches who offers beautiful scenery for it’s clients. It’s complete with beach, bar, restaurant, basketball court, volleyball ground, beach and infinity pool. Plus, the resort has it’s own water supply and generator. It was referred by a friend and I was glad  we tried it for our pictorials.


Another couple activity has been accomplished. I am still in awe of things. Getting married indeed is a wonderful feeling specially if you are marrying the one you love and who makes you really happy. I was glad he had fun too, and he was cool with what the pictorial required.

I’ll post them all when I have all the copy.

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