The TRILOGY Portable Ventilator

15025337_10154719511111967_4437745503135211259_oDue to Dana’ severe spine curvature (she developed also a Restrictive Lung Disease. Her scoliosis resulted to her having left lung hypoplasia, which means her left lung has not grown . Thus, she needed a ventilator to breathe better.




She is currently on a TRILOGY PORTABLE VENTILATOR 100 with the following settings:


Inspiratory Pressure:  20cm H20,
PEEP: 6 cmH20,
Pressre SUpport (above PEEP): 12cmH20,
PIP: 21 Breath Rate: 12bpm,
Inspiratory Time: 0.6seconds,
Trigger Type: Auto-Track,
Rise Time: 1.

FullSizeRender_4We see the Dr. Andrew Gelfand,  Dr. Steven Copenhaver and Dr. Pravin Sah of Vent Clinic of Childrens Medical Center for Dana’s breathing needs.

The Trilogy Potable vent is what helped Dana. She was tried on the other one but her oxygen saturation was not just good with the other type.

Like what it’s website advertises, Trilogy is a simple ventilator that has settings that can be modified depending on what the user needs. It has Pressure and Volume Controlled (invasively or non-invasively delivering oxygen, Two circuit Options, Dual Prescription Settings, 11 Pounds, 6 Hour Batttery Life, 3 Hour Internal and 3 Hour Detachable. It is so light that I can carry it on my shoulder while carrying Dana as well (Dana is much moooorrrreee!).

15873198_10154905748026967_9214050802762591731_nIt is important for families, like us, to understand the breathing needs of their babies and the type of machine our babies use. It is equally important to know how these medical devices help our children.

There are online resources  for a detailed understanding of this ventilator. It’s the best idea and be comfortable with ventilators for the safety of our kids with vent.