El Nido, Palawan

El Nido is paradise.

      We stayed at Entalula Resort which gave us an affordable vacation package that includes breakfast,  island tour and lunc for 5 days. We went to different group of islands each day and enjoyed a subtle ambiance on the beach at night.

First Day led us to visiting  5 islands or water spots. We went to the are Small Lagoon first which did not look small to me. Then we headed to  Big Lagoon which is a more size bigger. We had our lunch at Simzu Island, a small shore that catered to our need of staying in shade on the sand. Food was served and mouthwatering. We had the freshest seafood ever. Final stop was a equally beautiful  7 Commando island.













On our final day we headed to another set of islands or resorts. We went to the Hidden Beach first then I understand why it was called that way. The boat has to be anchored a kilometer away from the beach. Then w had to swim to go to the resort which was hidden and when we went there, it was magical. The water was beautiful and it seemed like infinity pool to something else. We went to Star Beach after to relax on water.  The water was so calm you could fall asleep floating. We went to the Secret Beach which at first seemed small because of a small inlet for us to go through. True enough, it was an inlet for us to pass. No boats inside and the beautiful water. We passed by Shrine Cathedral because  our boat couldn’t get near anymore. We waited for the sun to set at Ipil Beach, which had the best sunset view ever.

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