They say when you get something from someone really special, it wil be kept even if you get to go separate ways.

There was this one person who I call my one great love..or the books would probably define it as such. We were young as 9 years old, when we realized that we were special to each other. But life has been tough that made us separate ways without even building mere friendship.

Six years after, our stars changed and we met again. But they say, when it’s not the right time, none will flourish. After four years with him, I realized some things that felt so right just doesn’t mean that it will last.

Ten years after.. after all the hurting we got as we loved others, our stars made us meet again. It was we never got apart. I was happy again, just even with the thought that he’s there , someone I can talk to again. I felt nobody could understand me but him. He  was always there to see if I was okay, on all the failed relationships that I had. Then I realized that it never worked out with others because he was the only one who could make me completely happy , even  just being the person he is.  It felt so right when i am with him.. it always has.

Thirteen years ago,  he gave a me promise ring  that would be probably mean that he will always be with me. I kept that, for a long time. I even wore it many times.  It  could have probably meant that he will come back if things get rough… And he really did.  He said after all those years of waiting, ” If ever I get the chance to have you again, I’ll take it that chance. I will never let go again.”


I am a believer of  love..sometimes, even too much. That’s just the way I am. I believe that life is too short to get busy all the time and forget the feeling of how it is like when someone takes care of you. I believe that no matter how independent and strong we are as a person, sharing life’s joy with somebody is the best part of living.  I believe that the best love is having someone who gives you love and  so much respect. And when he makes you feel that you’re really important .. THAT makes the difference.

I have prayed for the right person to come.  I prayed that I become a right person for someone as well.  It has been answered and we will always be grateful for the love and the chance of being better persons . We are more alive and happier now more than we could ever imagine.

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