Chill Pills

img_2311We came to work one night and these were  the goodies. Whoever gave this really was brilliant! These are fruits candies in a jar that we can just grab to raise our sugar from running around especially in the beginning of the shift. The indications at the back of this jar was just funny and true. I did grab more than a couple each time I walk past the stations where the candies were placed.

These candies were given in celebration of Pressure Injury Prevention Day. Pressure injury prevention is always one of our priorities in our daily task  of taking care of patients.


But that’s not just it. In the breakroom, there’s the mouuuttthhh watering cupcakes for everyone. We can be spoiled sometimes. lol!   Thank you to whoever made and brought these goodies. I have heard a lot from who it came but wasn’t really sure lol!