Enjoying Summer 2009


3 days and 2 night…with storm forecasts…BOracay still soars..

Nestea IceTea Volleyball was there..stars and players were there…Mossimo bikini competition was starting to set-up…

The island offered a wide variety of was never a problem there…even budget..there were bbq stands all over the island for quick grabs..

The shores were filled with speakers and bean bags (by cuervo) and people whose energy you will feel even if you close your eyes…you will see that in BOracay station 1. Two bars offer 10 mixed drinks shooters competition…a very tempting challenge..dose who dared had their names walled…

The hotels were filled with people…dancing and shouting…well for station 2 of Boracay

Station 3 is the calmer one..didn’t stay there for long…


BORACAY is the best get-away place for people whose preference of relaxation shifts as fast as breathing is….there will always be a spot for those who seeks calmness..much more for those who seek the noise of woofers till morning…For clinical instructors who devote most of their energy and emotion in teaching kids who aren’t in their bloodline…another worLd such as a rewarding gift for us…to remind us that we have to start loving and pampering ourselves first before we do that to our students…After all…LIFE is short..enjoy it with friends and family….when do you plan to try it, when we aren’t physically fit anymore?

Enjoyment is subjective..but try the might be something you didn’t expect that you wanted for a long time…

1 reply to Boracay
  1. Wow! Great Post. Really informative 🙂 Its really fun if you were with friends, aside from you have a share buddy in expenses at the same time you have a buddy to enjoy the beauty of Boracay. I also enjoy my vacation in Boracay. From Beaches, to Water and land activities, Great Foods, amazing sunset and oh how can I forgot the nightlife in Boracay :)perfect escaped for some busy work and schedule 🙂 But I really look for a relaxing and peaceful place to stay and there I find The Orient Beach Boracay, its affordable, 5 mins ride to D’mall, its not hassle anyway because they have a free shuttle Service going to D’mall. It was also a Newly Opened Hotel, you can find great deals in many sites. Plus they serve really great Breakfast. it was also closer to the famous Puka Beach 🙂 You just need to be familiar with the affordable prices in Boracay, so you will spend lesser than they offer especially in Land and Sea Sports


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