Delongtes Seafoods, Grill and Barbecue

It was a fiesta birthday for me, at least that seemed what me and my family had on my birthday. Before I went out and drank the night away, my parents and me had a feast at Delongtes Seafoods, Grill & Barbecue.

This is one of the best places if you are craving for native chicken. Their barbeques are one of the tastiest I have had. They serve it to you straight from the grills. You can smell the sauce and the grilled chicken the moment they serve it in front of you. It’s so juicy and mouthwatering (im feeling hungry now).

Native Chicken Barbeque

Other foods they serve are best Filipino dishes.My mom wanted sea weeds so we ordered “Lato” soaked in vinegar with tomatoes. It’s very addicting once u tasted it.

We also had sweet and sour fish. Their serving is big that we couldn’t finish it. Well I ate the rest of the food that my tummy, I didn’t have space more for the rest of this.

Delongtes has an underground restaurant which they call “subway” so we chose that. I wanted an airconditioned place. There are singers in the place and rooms for videoke sessions you can rent per hour. The whole subway can be exclusively rented. My friend Rosen did that on his birthday and I think it was a good idea.

Sweet and Sour Fish

20130307-153026.jpgAnother year for me to live, I thank God for allowing me to live this long. I am thankful for the family I have and for the man I am marrying soon. Life has been fun with them and the friends I have shared it with. I only asked for a few but God gave me a handful. I feel blessed.

I don’t have a perfect life but I am happy with who I am now and who I am sharing myself with. Whatever life has to offer me again, I hope to enjoy and endure it with a happy heart.

Sabaw sa Imbao (Shell Soup)


Front View of the Place
inside underground Subway
live band

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