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I am  joni marie..who enjoys blogging and writing on everything my mind dwells on. I believe at most times, we search for our own sanctuaries where we can truly express what we feel and what we think of.

January 8, 2015, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Dana Gabrielle. She has severe congenital scoliosis which we found out even in utero. After 3 months that I gave birth to her, she developed pulmonary hypertension and had to be sent to the hospital. On the course of her treatment, she was placed with a Tracheostomy tube and a GJ button. Also, at the latter part, she started having seizures. With God’s blessing and everyone’s prayers, she is home now on a Trilogy Portable vent, Tube Feeding and seizure medications. Plan of care includes surgical intervention of her spine and lots of therapy.

13652581_10154362578621967_358401419_nI am a person full of emotions and thoughts ..my calmness exudes after my simple self-expression.  I write when I am mad, i write when I am hurt..at most times when I am happy and when I find something interesting. Most of what I write is a product of my own feelings at that particular time it was written. You might be able to identify or not..you might know the stories..and you may have been there when it happened.

If it had been dramatic, I learned with what I had and  I have grown stronger with the aftermath of these emotions. These thoughts and emotions have been all real for me, once in my life, no matter how dramatic it may have sounded.

                        Life , Love and Motherhood has been very colorful to me. In fact, it was too colorful. But when i look back, I smile again and this time…very thankful.

I’m a Nurse by profession

I am a nurse in Dallas, Texas. My passion includes taking care of people..knowing the faculties that build their physical being and understand it’s needs. I am a lover of life and wants to enjoy life to the fullest. I intend to spread that to anyone i encounter.

I am born and bred in Davao. I am an Assumptionista and an ISKA from the University of the Philippines- Mindanao with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics major in Operations Research. I got my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Brokenshire College and my Masters Degree in Nursing in Liceo de Cagayan University.   Davao City has a lot to offer, from business, schools, tourism, nature, vacation, good food and good people. I would like the readers to know how beautiful and peaceful Davao is. The City of Durian is definitely worth visiting.

I am a Blogger
Writing has always been my interest and passion eversince i understood what it is. From the basics of pencil and papers to blogging in the internet.

                This is a personal blogsite. I blog everything I encounter in life. I keep these thoughts here to influence and reach other people’s lives.

                I am no critic of every place I go or venture I try, but I do speak my mind when it has given me more than just delight.


7 thoughts on “Just Me”

  1. I’m officially a fan Miss Joni!

    pls HELP Clarion since you’re so good in writing naman LoL


  2. thanks Ms D.


  3. I am a fan as well Ms Joni! thank you for visiting and subscribing to my blog too! more power to Davao and your nursing career and blessings always to your family!


  4. prayingforoneday said:

    Please accept this award
    Tagged In – Blog Nomination


    Thank you


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