Mandarin Tea Garden

My mom let me drove her to places she needed to finish some transactions. I got really hungry driving around but we were in Uyanguren and I didn’t want to eat anywhere there. Uyanguren is the city’s version of Chinatown where all goods are sold in really low prices. It’s jam packed with people and it’s really crowded. You can shop a lot there but today, I wanted to eat somewhere a little less crowded. Not to mention, I wanted someplace cooler and more relaxing.

Since my mom is on a regulated diet due to her stroke, there’s few places where we can go to. Mandarin is one of the places we usually go to eat. She like the steamed fish they serve. There are a lot of Mandarin in the metro but we usually go to this one located in SM mall since it’s nearer our place.

I wanted Crispy Spring Rolls, their version of Lumpiang Shanghai. It’s always my quick comfort food. My aunt wanted Chicken Mami and the thought of a hot salty soup in my mouth made me order it too.


20130225-212034.jpgI guess my mom was more hungry than me because she ordered Chopsuey and rice. Yes, she wants to eat rice at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. lol! They have delicious chopseuy here but this is the only place where chopsuey has no veggies. That’s odd!


And of course, our orders included their tropical fruit salad. They serve cold fresh fruit which included papaya, watermelon, apple and mango. And for the first time, they separated the cream from the fruits when they served it. Hurray! My mom avoid cream in anything she eats.



It was a good meal, or should I say snack. The place serves Chinese food so you’ll expect a lot of spices and natural flavors. One of my favorites is their Curry Squid, it is just really mouth watering. I have not tasted all their food but so far, all that I did was good.  A small order can really fill a hungry tummy.  You can see their kitchen from where you are eating so you can see for yourself how the food handling is.

Service depends who the server is. There are times when service is good, there are time when orders are delayed.  It’s not  that bothering because we kept coming back, and I believe others too. It’s good for family gatherings or other company. It doesn’t exactly have that sultry and calm ambiance but conversations are good in this place.  I like it best because it’s just inside the mall.



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