Cafe Demitasse

Cafe Demitasse is located along Torres Street, where most people wanting to relax meet.

Best in Customer Service. They have 2 rooms which can be used exclusively. One room can accomodate 10-15 guests for P 1,500. The other room is bigger and can accommodate 25 persons which can be used for P2,500. The rates are consumable and good for 2 hours. An extra P 500 fee per hour will be charged for excess hours. There’s an open terrace for those who want to breathe fresh air which can accommodate 10 persons .

 Cafe Demitasse offers a wide variety of hot, iced or blended coffee. They also have juices, smoothies and other drinks. Their cakes are mouth watering and even their meals are tasteful . The prices are very reasonable so it’s going to fit our budget. It’s a perfect place for people who craves a lot of chocolates, pasta, cheese and wants to enjoy a quiet and relaxing place at the same time.

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