27 Weeks Preggy and Happy

26 weeks AOG
26 weeks AOG

Wooohh!! It has been months!! Seriously, I got soo busy adjusting here in Texas, I never got the chance to blog.

I am 27 weeks pregnant! Woot woot! My pregnancy app prompted me like it was as excited as me on my entering my 3rd Trimester. Baby girl (yup she will be a princess) is growing big. I waddle when I walk and I pee all the time. I feel heavy and I walk really slow. My lower back is also killing me when I walk a lot. My feet and legs are swelling that I have to raise them whenever I get the chance to sit at work.

And yet, I am enjoying it.  Because when I feel her move inside me, I still feel unexplainable thrill and happiness. I haven’t met her yet but she becomes the source of my strength and inspiration. I haven’t held her in my arms, but she is my everyday happy pill.

I have always wanted to have a family and I am so grateful that God blessed me and Niel with this. I have always taught about Pregnancy but to really have a first hand experience of it makes me appreciate it more.


pregtestLooking back. When I took the pregnancy test and saw that 2nd pink line, it made me stare at it forever. I always knew that 2nd lines on a pregnancy test means positive but that line was not as dark as the other, so it made me question it. I had to take the test for 3 days. lol! Thanks to my sister (who is also pregnant now) who convinced me that I was. It was so surreal.

I remember texting my husband that image of the pregnancy test. He has always wanted a baby. Hearing him happy made me cry. So the drama that I always see with others were actually true. The happiness was beyond words.

Then I began to understand all that I was feeling. I had a queer taste bud and food didn’t taste good at all, even my favorites. I was always nibbling something sour or munched something salty just to get the bland or metal taste off my mouth. My belly was starting to grow and my breasts was starting to hurt. I was also crying all the time with whatever I watch. I watched tv contests and I cry for the winners. That is sooo drama! lol!


usd   My belly obviously got bigger and my trips to the restroom was more often. My nose was getting bigger too. It was crazy. But thank god, my appetite was back. I  could devour more than 3 cups of rice every meal. It was like I was hungry all the time.

The best part of this time is when I had my first ultrasound. Niel was holding my hand all the time. Looking at him made me love him more. When I saw the image of the  baby, the feeling was unexplainable. It confirmed that there was a life really in my growing tummy. Honestly, it was the only time that I really believed that I was pregnant. Lol!

So now I am enjoying my 27th week. It is not easy and the tests that I underwent does not help ease my anxiety and worries. Yet, we remain very thankful for this blessing. There are things we have to consider raising this princess but now, I am still enjoying pregnancy and being pregnant. Hats off to those who made it and my well wish to those who want it. I wish every woman who desires to have a child does experience this because it will make you think that life is more beautiful.


25 weeks AOG
25 weeks AOG