Giving Birth: I Had a Wonderful Experience

danabirthIt has been almost 3 weeks since I delivered our beautiful baby Dana Gabrielle Canonigo. But I still remember that day clearly. For first time moms like me, it was a mixture of excitement and nervousness. My experience was more than wonderful because aside from the awe of having a daughter, the people who took care of me on that day made the whole experience really great.

It was the night before January 8 of this year that me and Niel were already in bed. We were trying to get good rest since we have an appointment in Dallas the next day. As usual, I couldn’t sleep right away so awake until almost midnight.

I noticed a gush of fluid just laying down. I wasn’t even having an urge to pee. I had no contractions. I jumped out of the bed to the restroom and told my husband right away. He had a feeling that IT was time. The fluid was still gushing while I was in the restroom. We decided to go to the hospital.  It was a good thing that our hospital bag has been packed already so we didn’t worry what to bring. As much as I was pretending to be calm, I was panicking. I couldn’t decide what to wear. I couldn’t find something that would hide my belly. I resorted to my pj and sweater.

I was battling with my emotions while my husband was driving me to the hospital. Baby Dana has some problems that she needed to be delivered C-section. And since she has been closely monitored by the doctors, they have planned to have us deliver in Medical City Chidlren’s hospital in Dallas. In that way if something goes wrong, my baby won’t be flown to Dallas and leave me behind here in Tyler.  I remember my thoughts were racing with a lot of “what if’s?”.  The thought of scaring my husband calms me for some reason.

I finally arrived at the hospital at 12:15 of January 8. I had to go inside alone while Niel has to park the car. That I didn’t like. I went straight to the 2nd floor, in triage of labor and delivery. The nurses who received me were very calm. When I was scared, they seem to be having just a normal day. I was thinking that I would be placed in the bed right away and them running to prepare things but it wasn’t like that. I guess I just didn’t know what to expect. They were so calm and assured me that everything is still ok.

I met Diana and a Hispanic nurse, who was supposed to go home but then I came.  They were really great. I was so scared yet they never left me. Niel was still in the waiting area but they told me they will call him after they were done assessing me.

I was 3cm dilated. Then couple of minutes later, I met Dr. Carl who did another IE on me and I was now 5cm. I was rupturing rapidly that she informed the medical team in Dallas that it will be best to deliver me here. I didn’t care that time, I just want my baby to be safe. After that, I met the Anesthesiologist and I was prepped for the delivery.

Diana, my nurse, never left my side. She was holding me and calming me and my husband. I remember being wheeled to the OR theatre and placed on the OR bed with her voice explaining to me all the time. When the anesthesiologist started an epidural on me, she was holding me and making sure that I didn’t change my position. I tell you, she was like my mom. Up until now, I remember it so well.

Then the rest is history. I felt numb and I was praying all the time.  Being able to work in Surgery back in the Philippines, the whole routine in the theatre was familiar. It was like before but now, I am the patient instead of the nurse.

Then I heard a loud cry. I was told it was already 2:15 in the morning. I heard a long and loud cry. I was praying and crying. It was the voice I was praying for badly. I was praying that her lungs and her heart were ok.

dana nb2Then I was approached by the Pedia doctor saying that my baby was ok and that she has good color. She said my baby was breathing well in room air. I was praying and thanking God all the time. Niel was on my head part and was holding my hand and giving me a kiss. Then they laid baby to me and it was like everything stopped moving. All I can see was her. My face was touching her. She still was crying. It was surreal. I was unbelievable that  I have a baby already.

My family is not here. It’s just me and my husband. It felt like the whole medical team was my family. They made me feel that I was really taken cared of.  The nurses felt like family. It was when I was 9 years old when I was hospitalized and I had no much memory of it. Practically this was the 1st one that I can remember well.

Diana, my nurse,  never left me and Niel even in recovery room.  Then when I was transferred to the Mother and Baby unit, I was glad that the nurse who received me was Jan, my friend. I thanked Diana for everything. I was happy that she was my nurse. I am happy Jan was going to be my next nurse. Filipinos like me, or whoever is in a country away from home, will always long for their family. I knew I was in good hand with her after delivery.

It was all a good experience. I was scared of the C-section, thinking of the possible harm of it. But God was there to protect me and my baby. He was there to make sure everything was ok. I believe He sent his angels through the medical team to take care of us. I wouldn’t make it if they flew me to Dallas.

dana NBPregnancy is a wonderful experience. Delivering a new life is just splendid, something that no words can describe. I am blogging because I believe that the marvel of it also attributes to the people who are there during the actual delivery. I had a good experience in Trinity Mother Frances Hospital. I am very thankful to the people who took care of me, my husband and my baby. I am very thankful for the prayers by my family, friends and people at work for me and my baby. I am thankful for the people who have always been checking up on me and my baby from the day I got pregnant until I gave birth.

 I know that I will be blogging on the beauty of motherhood and the love we have for our newborn angel.  But for now, I am reminiscing the whole delivery experience. With that,  I will always be grateful.