Retelling June 11 Out of CV ICU

 I had to go back because as much as I honor the nurses taking care of Dana, i have not blogged my gratitude to them. I did post on my facebook.

That was Day 62 when we got transferred were transferred to PICU from Cardiac ICU last night. It was dana’s home for 2 months and we couldn’t be more thankful for everyone who took really good care of her specially those days when she was really unstable. We are very thankful for her care team nurses who became her sister (or mother – Courtney, Meredith, Jodi, Lindsay G.) and knew her so much as to what gets her upset and how to make her calm…who was caring enough to find ways before things go bad for her. It is not easy to allow “strangers” to totally take care of ur baby when im at work but everytime i knew it’s them, i knew in my heart that Dana is in good hands. Two months ago, there was one baby moved out of the cardiac icu to allow us to be in her/his room and now, we are moving out because another baby needs immediate cardiac attention and we understand that.

It took as a while to get used to the new place and get to know people again. But they turned out to be our friends during our stay. It was a training place for us how to handle dana. It was going back and forth with the trachs sizes. But all went well. I would be very thankful to her Care team. I will always be indebted to her care team nurses Veronica, Salena, Joan, Kathy, Elizabeth and Deb. This time we enjoyed the Respiratory Therapists who knew how she reacts go the vent. We thank u Carol Anne, Courtnie, Genie, Janice and Armando.may God bless you all for your goodness.

We are in a new area now and we know still that  she will be taken cared well because God will make sure of that. We are on our way to’s not easy still but it is miraculously happening.

“Faith may not make things easy but it makes things PoSsiBLe”. –THAT we were told and we much believe in. Thank u for all your prayers .