Vent SprintS


 Came back to Dana today from work. She has been doing well and they have been aggressively trying to wean her off everything. Today, they give her rest. They started her vent sprints 2 days ago..allowing her to breathe on her own (without the vent) for couple of minutes. She was doing okay that day. But yesterday, she wasn’t tolerating it. Today, i was here when they did that, she did not tolerate. So they decided to give her a rest. And then try again later this pm or tom.

 Yesterday, she was uncomfortable and when they had imaging yesterday, there was a lot of gas in her tummy. So they place an NGT to suction out what’s making her belly distended which may be causing discomfort. So, her nares now has both an NDT and NGT..makes me think, she wouldn’t be able to breathe well with that during vent sprints. I told them that but for now she needs that tubes. 

She is a little swollen today (i was told also that she was swollen yesterday) but she has iv medicines for that. I hope the swelling decreases. She is not on TPN amd iv lipids for nutrition anymore. She is now on 13cc per continuous hour feeding .  Thank God she has been tolerating the feeds. 

So far everything is still ok. They plan today to wean her more from iv morphine and versed (her sedation meds) . Their goal is to transition them to oral. We pray that she stays comfortable and her lungs get healthy enough to tolerate the vent sprints again. Thank u for praying with us. 

Thank you Lord for your miracles. Pardon us (me the most) when there are moments I cry and get scared again, but my faith is strong. Thank you Lord for being with us always. Thank you everyone for praying with us and being with us. You make us strong for our baby.