Day 35: She Grew

  Update: She is now bigger..and that’s not because of fluids. Thank God, baby Dana has been doing well this week. The plan still is to wean her totally from the rest of her iv meds and the ventilator.  They have been slowly weaning her this week..really slow to make sure that they won’t have to get back to previous settings. Now they are weaning her off her iv sedatives..well transitioning her to oral meds. I am ok with that.. We want it slow and progressing well.

Again..they have weaned her off from the oscillator (high pressure ventilator), nitric oxide (medicine for pulmonary hypertension), vecronium drip (paralytic ageny), bumex drip (diuretics). They are slowly weaning her off from morphine (narcotic) and versed (sedative).  Vent setting are now 40% (we started at 100%), SIMV rate at 20 (started at 28), bpm vent 20breaths (started at 26) and peep of 7 (target is 5-6). She is now pooping well (yehey!). Her feeding  is increased to 3cc/hr continous milk feeding (from 2cc). It’s ok so that her gut can gradually go back to it’s normal state.  She still gets TPN and iv lipids.

When I went back from work, i noticed her bigger. He skin, especially eyelids, weren’t tight so I am not sure it’s not fluid. And she has been drooling crazy. Our baby has grown. And it’s ok that she’s still I bed as long as she is healing. We celebrate her 4 months of life. We celebrate life with our baby.

It has been a tough road since pregnancy, but seeing my baby takes all the hardships away. Now that she is opening her eyes, i am just filled with happiness right away. I admit to crying still every night and everytime I sing her lullabies to make her sleep but when I am reminded that she is just resting and healing, my spirits are up. It’s all good. When we see her, we are reminded that God is good and with us always. He is our healer. Everyday is a chance to be with her again.

Thank you for all your prayers. We pray too that you and your families be blessed with God’s kindess.