Day 22 update: Miracles

  Update:  She is doing fine as of now. Thank you God. Thank you all for praying with us. 

Dana has been transitioned from the oscillator to a regular ventilator yesterday. We had issues yesterday like her blood gases being acidotic on the first 3 hours of weaning and that if it continues, they might get her back again on the oscillator otherwise, it will cause her heart to fail and she may die in hours. But God is good that the blood gases went normal eventually, very slow. And it did rise when they suctioned her but it went back down again. Baby Dana is doing ok now, so far.

These are miracles  we are thankful for. We are very happy. Today, her blood gases are ok and her chest xray is better. Her stool culture went negative of  virus or bacteria.woot! They had to do blood and secretions culture again to  document it went negative after being treated with antibiotics.

Her vent settings were 100% oxygen delivery now they are down to 75% with peep of 8. For today, they will give Dana a rest day from everything and let her body gain some energy. We are ok with that. Their next big move is to remove the paralytic agents and find out if her sats and blood gases will stay normal with the help of the vent. 

We know that we have still a have a lot on our plate and there will be moments that may break us, but again for now we are very grateful for this miracle of her being stable. We have a good and kind God who sees that our baby is comfortable. We have all your prayers that make her and us strong. Our love each day makes us hope more. We claim healing and happines in God’s name.