Day 18:  Baby steps to healing

  Update:  Baby dana has diarrhea. She had a better night last night though. Her blood gases and xray looks a little better. Her paralytic agent  was changed to the one she had before coz she seemed to have been building tolerance. Before it was changed, the dose was already high buy she would still wiggle, bat her eyelashes and shrug her shoulders and it interferes with the oscillator. Now, she is more calm (sleeping that is) and I  am more comfortable seeing that the nurses are not bolusing her with sedatives or pain meds almost all the time just to make her comfortable. She was even started with a new IV without having her vitals fluctuate.

However, she is having diarrhea constantly. And early this morning they had to stop feeding her my breastmilk to know what’s causing it. Stool exams and electrolyte has been ordered. The sample will be also teated for virus. I hope it turns out negative. My sister and i have been taking about milk-protein allergy. I ddn’t have much time to find out what her allergy was but I have been drinking caramel cofee latte almost everyday here in the hospital, so it may be attributed to that. It’s the only thing that I did new eversince I was giving her breastmilk.  Above all, I just wish diarrhea prob will resolve.

While feeding is stopped, they will start IV lipids on her to get her some calories to grow. That made me feel good. And she remains to be in TPN (total parenteral nutrition) as well.

There have been hiccups in weaning her from the oscillator. And when they reached at 21 mean pressure they had to go back to 23 because she was not tolerating it, her oxygen saturation would drop to below 85% again. But God is good that baby Dana’s weaning to 20 mean pressure again earlier this morning did pretty well. Their main goal is till being able to transition baby Dana to a regular ventilator and then to room air.

Her Sildenafil dose has been increased as well. This is to treat her pulmonary hypertension. 

We have been in constant check with our physicians as to what our plans are. We continue because we see miracles. We continue because we see hope. We continue because we love her.

So it’s slow and easy treatment for her.  Baby steps to healing. We are happy with that. Whenever she is stable and comfortable, we believe it’s answered prayer. God continuous to hold her. And those who are praying and loving her creates more miracles. We thank you for all the love and prayers.