Day 17 : Hope 

Update:  Baby Dana is slowly weaned from the oscillator (high pressure ventilator) ..from mean a pressure yesterday (sunday) of 24  and today she is down to 21. Oxygen of 62% yesterday and today its 53%. Her oxygen saturation is above 85’s. They had to reposition the et tube earlier 5am because chest xray showed it was again deeper than it should be which may have caused the hazy xray result and low o2 sat.  We are still watching oxygen saturation. The doctors main goal is to wean baby dana from the oscillator to a regular vent.  Today, they scheduled the weaning to 12 hours because I believe, they are nearing their target.

She still gets sensitive (bp rises) when stimulated but fewer times last night. With this, she unfortunately gets boluses of sedation meds still.

She has been given oral sedation meds.  Her oral med for pulmonary hypertension has been increased in dose to determine what dose is effective for her. Currently she is on nitric oxide through the vent for pulmonary hypertension.

She is not anymore congested so they stopped giving her diuretics. They plan to start adding calories to her to become healthier. She gets my breastmilk every 3 hours now (previosuly 6 hours) but minimal amount. IV lipids can’t be given due to access issues and drug compatibility issues.  They avoid sticking her to prevent erratic changes in the vitals which may lead to ph crisis.

Baby steps to everything. And they still don’t give us assurance. But we are thankful on the developments. We feel answered prayers each day. We still have fears but our God is bigger than our fear. We continue to hope and believe.

As my sister’s words “Please pray with us that God will hold Dana’s heart and lungs within His. That He will give her the strength to move forward towards better health. That He will guide the medical staff to help her get better.”

Thank you for all your love and prayers.