I have not blogged for long since I have moved to Texas last November 2013. It was a year of blessing and good life.

As I look back, I smile at a lot of things:

1. May 2013 – I got married to somebody who, even when I was young I have though of spending the rest of my entire life with. I believe we all have that feeling but only few gets to have it for real. I am blessed with a marriage I believe will make us become good people for ourselves and for other.

I am thankful for the chance of being able to spend Christmas with him. Marriage is  a wonderful thing, having to have somebody with you as you enjoy life. I intend to enjoy that.

I am thankful having a new family, that of my husband’s. I felt very welcome.  In here, Ate Trisha, Kuya Erwin and kids gave me a warm welcome as well. Christmas became wonderful, nomatter how different it was way back home.

2. All throughout 2013 – having family and friends to share each day with. It is beyond words. I am thankful that my parents are healthy and enjoy life well. My brother and sister in law is doing great and so with their kids. They are adorable!

My friends are family. I have friends from work, from childhood and from practically where I spent my day with. I have a good circle of friends and I am best happy with them.

3. Sister’s good health – She knows this already. I am thankful for her being healthy now. Everyday is a challenge still. But we will get there. I am thankful that she and her husband helped me start out well in this new strange place, i now call HOME.

4. November 2013 – My new life in Tyler, Texas. Like the many Filipino nurses who stated working here, I am thankful for the opportunity. This is not an easy decision having to leave the life  you have in the Philippines to a new place which will never be ours to claim. Others may have a more difficult reason than mine. But life takes us to a lot of doors leading us to where we want and our families to be. I am thankful for being able to work here.

I am thankful for being able to meet  Len, Joan, JB, and Ramil. Not all Filipinos get along with a new group or stay well with each other after being here, but I believe I am with a good company of people I now call friends. We had a rough start and we are still struggling to adjust but having them makes things a little lighter.  I have met Filipinos who came after we did, and I hope to be able to make and keep good friendship with them.

Solitude make this hard to blog even if how thankful I am for the new year. The tears are still falling and the lump on the throat is still there but I will be there with everyone’s love, support and prayers. Thank you Lord for the good life.

Cheers everyone for a bountiful 2014! Cheers for the new stories! Happy new year y’all!

I am claiming more happiness in 2014 for myself and for everyone.