Coffee Dream evening

It was a quite night and I needed to study for a scheduled interview. I ended up browsing notes in Coffee Dream, one of the coffee shops in the metro who have branches in malls.

It was a quite night tonight. As the mall closed, people also went home. Everyone probably had a long day that they wanted to sleep in their beds already.

Coffee dream is a small coffee shop inside SM city mall but it has a veranda for those who prefer smoking while having their coffee. Yes, Davao City has a strict ordinance on No Smoking in public and covered establishments. (Im proud of that).


I usually order Caramel Frapuccino but tonight I ordered their version of frapp and oreo which they named “Fro-Oreo” (go figure! Lol!) . You can really taste the oreos that it covered the sweet taste I was looking for. I didn’t taste milk either but probably it didn’t require milk. I am no expert on that. It was good but I will probably order Caramel Frapp next time. I have the hots for sugar I guess.. Lol!