My Wedding Tale : Souvenirs

I have always liked crafts. I have always wanted a little spunk in any ordinary item to make it stand-out or to make it look like it’s really mine. And for our wedding, I have already placed in a box all the accents I wanted to include in whatever we will need like pack for the offering, for the place cards, and etc.

20130222-224832.jpgAs we were planning for the souvenirs of the wedding, we couldn’t come up with something. We were just okay with anything but then again, we have to decide what would the souvenirs be. As always, I wanted something pink or something that is wrapped in pink. I didn’t want to overspend on it as well.

20130222-224853.jpgMy sister is always sweet to send us Bath and Body handsoaps so we thought, it could be a nice token for our guests. I haven’t bought one for the wedding yet so I tried the handsoaps she sent me.

Being crafty, I saw something at a craftshop to put the handsoaps in. It’s a bag made from abaca sprayed with pink. To make the handsoaps stand well, I just used an ordinary paper board. I used a cream board so it doesn’t show against pink.  I shredded some japanese paper for the handsoap to sit on, just to add softness and sultry . Then to finish it off, I tied a light pink ribbon outside in order  to give a cascading color effect to the whole token. We’ve ordered a personalized one but I don’t have it yet so I’m using a plain one for now. I yet have to print “thank you” tags also to say how thankful we are.

I came up with something I just showed below. Well, these are intended for the principal sponsors.  For the rest of the guests, a beaded coin purse will be given.They will be made by my aunt and cousin who are really talented with beads.  My mom wants me to put these purses in a small box to add more “thankful” look. I don’t have the small boxes yet.


So this is a whole lot of pink  (I know (lol!). Well, that’s what I had in mind with the craft stuff I have right now. We can always change and modify because my fascination for pink can be really crazy.


Anyway, whatever it will be or however it’s going to look like, bottomline is that I am happy. We are happy.  And I guess regardless of what  token we give back to our guests, our gratitude and happiness for spending time with me and Niel, on the happiest moment of our life, will always be sincere.