My Wedding Tale: Wedding Invites

photo (22)Crafter’s Haven in Davao helped me make my wedding invites. This wedding shoppe has a lot of wedding invitation  designs to choose from or any cards for any any occasion.

I honestly didn’t have a design in mind but I do know that I wanted a pink themed card. I also wanted a simple one but the texts should be embossed printed.  I wanted something simple and elegant and would look like a wedding invitation in a first glance.

This place helped me make up my mind and the staff who attended to my needs, Alma, was very nice.  They can even print a sample of the actual invitation card. Unlike the rest of the shopped I tried to visit, this place made me feel that what I wanted was easy to make and can be done in a very short time.

20130209-152127.jpgI was impressed on how beautifully they crafted the invites even if it was mass produced.  I was even expecting to get the 50 copies I wanted in 2 weeks but they were able to give me in less than a week.  Then I understood that the place didn’t need somebody to make the printing or the lay-out for them. Unlike some shoppes that has to send it to Manila to have the  invites made. This means the waiting time will be around 4-6 weeks. I don’t think I would like that.  Crafter’s Haven has a good working place just behind the elegant receiving  area.

Alma was very accommodating even with the fact that I didn’t have a final list yet. I was allowed to text the missing details which was the only way I have considering the very busy schedule. It made me enjoy every detail of the whole “wedding invite” journey like most brides tell.

photo (23)I didn’t spend a lot on the invites but I wanted really an elegant one even with a low budget. Their invites have affordable  rates of P 80.00 as minimum considering all the craft work that is being done. I got mine and I believe which fitted my budget and I was satisfied with the result and much more, the service.

When my fiance and I  looked at their finish products, it got us more excited. With that, the wedding invites just did their purpose.

Contact Person: Dyna Rose Tupas
Address: Door 2 Metro RC Bldg., De Guzman St., Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines
Telephone No:  (6382) 305-2058