Finally Forever

         We were always an item. The moment we met on 3rd grade, I had a feeling he will always be different from friends. Yes, for some reason those kind of thoughts crossed the mind at an early stage, apart from a lot of what kids do.

              I remember he was the playful one, I was the shy.  I remember listing him on the board together with other class mates as “Noisiest in class.” That was funny. When somebody told me, the “puppy” attraction was mutual,  I became conscious of my actions more. Classmates were teasing us in one way or another.  They were teasing us, year after year after year.

             As we were growing,  he turned out to be the athlete who’s very competitive with a bad temper, in most times. I turned out  to be getting tougher on academics whose  major social life was the circle of friends I have. We crossed path many times in school but never really talked to each other inspite of the eagerness to be close.  I knew he liked me, as what everybody says but it was actually hard to tell since he doesn’t talk to me  unless there were friends around.   Nothing was enough to start something special, even friendship. For  6 years in same school, it’s funny thinking we blushed each time our eyes met and just shy away almost all the time . I think now, that’s  what  I call cute. It maybe corny but it is cute.

          Now I am with the same guy who took my attention the moment I understood what “crush” meant.  This isn’t the first time but this is the only time that it honestly felt so right. 

         When he says he loves me, I see love straight in his eyes. I see honesty and sincerity.  I see somebody who actually lights up not because I complete his ideals but happy of who he becomes when I am with him.  I see somebody who’s willing to be a better person more and commit more to what we have now.

         When he says he adores me,  I see it in his eyes and respect and commitment.   I see someone very proud of me  despite my imperfections.  I see somebody who does not impose but understands that I may  think and morph in my own time.   

            When he looks at me, I see someone who has my back in whatever my heart desires to do, how tough things may be and how irrational I may become.  And  when he says I am important,  I know he will hold me no matter what or who causes discomfort even if my mind thinks differently than his.

     My feelings has many times betrayed and blinded me. It made me love and trust many times only to find out that it was meant to end the hurting way.  And yes, here I go again giving my heart openly to someone. But like what I heard, “there are no mistakes in life, coz the mistakes led us to where we are now”, I believe it led me to him.

      It has not been  easy even with all the love we have and it may not be for a lot of times, but I have a strong feeling we can go through all of them together.  I have always been strong with the aftermath of many emotions but with this person I am stronger and happier.  I respect love more and what it can do. It’s not going to be a perfect pair anybody would want  but our respect for each other makes it perfect for us.

           I see forever with him .  I understand now the excitement of what they say of having to spend the rest of your life with a very special person. I have always been scared but I now  realize that there will be really somebody who you’d want to share forever with. Love is more wonderful  because of him, much more that  I am with a good person.  He is my knight in shining armor,  my protector, my bully buddy, my look-out,  my lover and my best friend.    I just can’t wait to start forever .