Friday the 13th

    No, it wasn’t scary like the movies but this day proved to be problematic for me. My car got hit with another vehicle. I wouldn’t call it really a “hit” because I was at fault. I went out of my place then swept the other SUV on my right. 

         Then the whole day just became gloomy. Prior to that, my car keys were nowhere to be found. I had to use my spare keys. Problem is, the alarm remote of the spare was not working. So when I turned the key to open the door, the car just went noisy. Then I cut off the alarm noise connected to the speakers.

         But when I was driving, the lights were flickering. I knew then that the alarm system has to be contained. I had to go to the shop first for that. Then went to the bank after. When I was done, I hit another car as I was going out of the parkign lot.  It was a disaster for me. I was practically standing under the scorching heat of the sun. I had to wait for the driver so I can plead him not to charge much.

          I had no one there. I would have wanted to cry because I felt alone. I couldn’t even ask someone to come to my aid. But I was lucky that I didn’t have to tell friends, they just came.

         This was not definitely my day.  I had to be thankful though that it I didn’t hit a human. I was even more thankful  knowing that I  handled it well.  So they say, “someone’s gonna get it every Friday the 13th. ”   I just did.