Cleaning and Maintaining Your Pool Table: Tough Task

A pool table can be one of the most expensive things you can acquire inside your house. Buying a pool table is really an investment. It does come with a price, thus, you shall treat your pool table worth your investment.

First things first, you have to remember that the green felt cloth is the most fragile part of your pool table. So how do you keep it in its best condition? Clean it. The chalk and the powder do most of the destroying, generally. And for you to be able to do well in billiards, you have to use chalk and powder, so it really is almost inevitable.

You can use a brush to clean up the dust which seeps in the felt cloth of the billiard table. There is a specific brush you can buy which is designed especially for the cloth of the billiard table. But if you are tight on budget, you can use an old soft brush to clean the cloth. But by doing this, you should realize that there is still a lot of dust that gets caught up deeper in the cloth. Using a small, low-powered vacuum would be a wise idea as long as there is no brush attached to it.

Just like your skin, the cloth of the pool table can get damaged when exposed to the sun and the heat. Keep your pool table in a cool, dry place to lengthen its life, thus, maintaining it to its best condition.

Moreover, keep weight off the table; do not sit on it. For one, the rubber rail cushions might pop off. Also, the legs of the table might lose its balance, thus, affecting the stature of the pool table, and your performance on billiards all in all.

Just follow these simple tips on cleaning and maintaining your pool table, and you’ll surely keep it working on its best condition for the longest time.