Love even the Differences

Aside from my being adventurous, I have always been  a fan of love and loving. Today, I came across with a quote that helped me understand it more. I am inlove, that’s a fact. All those who are in this state wants to give all they have to that special person and whether we admit it or not, we always want to be given the same affection in return. When our partners go beyond what we expected them to do, we will love them more.

However, there are partners who do not even come close to what we expect to do. We love them, yet we continue to wish they would do more to sweep us off our feet or put more than a smile in our faces. Every person in a relationship, at one point of time, thought of that.

But only those who snap out of these thoughts,  enjoys the relationship .Couples having the same interest can differ hugely in terms of personality, preferences and decisions. Those who have learned to acknowledge the differences can take it without too much hurting. And those who respect the differences understands that loving can be shown in many different ways.

Our partners may not be the one we see in movies or read in books, but they mean it when they say  that they love us and that it’s for real. People will always have something to say on what we have with our partners but as long as we are happy, we have to stand with whom we chose to love. If the relationship makes us better persons, then we deserve being with our partners no matter how difficult the odds may become. There are many elements how to make it last but being unappreciative of what your partner is will never be good. The compromises help solve the differences but it should not change the person each of you are.  Love means to love even the differences. Love means loving the thought of reconciling the differences.Love means knowing that your partner loves you and love means enjoying the journey with him or with her.

I am thankful. I am happy and I feel that I deserve my own relationship. It is far from what is ideal and easy but I feel love in it. I appreciate what I have for who knows, somewhere out there, someone wants to be where I am but just did not have the chance.