GCaFe and Closing In


Well there is a new Coffee shop in town, it’s G Cafe. Well not exactly new but it has broken the habit of people going to the coffee shop at Starmart Ecoland .


The Coffee shop gives a homy atmosphere considering it’s large space. I am loving the color because it’s pink. But seriously, the cafe  has so much space that order of things won’t be a problem. There are table and chairs placed also outside for smokers or simply those who want fresh air. There’s an LCD TV at the center which makes me think that games or events can be watched here together with the rest of the customers.   It opens from 8am until 1:00 in the morning during weekdays and 2:00am on weekends.


It serves the usual coffee other coffee shops serve . I am more of a frappe lover and yesterday they introduced a new set of frappe. I ordered a cheesecake frappe while my friend had the all-time favorite Mocha. Their range of prices are the same with the other coffee shops, affordable.  Too bad that I wasn’t hungry that time, I could have tried their meals.


It’s not going to be another boring night since there’s a new kid on the block.I bet.