Bring out the WOLVES

Davao Doctors College celebrates its foundation week. Earlier, the festivities for the intramurals already started. My team this year is SILVER WOLVES together with the faculty and staff of the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Department.

I miss the old team, Blue Phoenix. I missed the fact that it belonged to those under the Nursing Department. I missed  bearing stress and celebrating success with fellow nurses.

Yet, this new team offers a new perspective. It means unity and respect to another set of professionals. It is bridging and connecting ties with another group whom we can actually be friends. It is appreciating the need to adjust to people in order to meet a goal. It teaches us to set aside our differences and enjoy the need to unite for success. It teaches us the value of relying and trusting each other to be able to move forward. This time, the loyalty is not only for the angels in the sickroom but for those who also work to make the angels stronger.

I still smell the aggressiveness and the drive to win in every athlete. I smell the spirit of sportsmanship and healthy competition. I have to let go of the past and take in the new. It may not be close to what we had but the heart of nurse warriors are the same. They are even stronger with the new jerseys and new team mates.

I will miss saying “SOAR HIGH BLUE PHOENIX!!!”…. now I am head high shouting ..” WE ARE THE SILVER WOLVES and WE HOWL ! “