Sweet and Cheezy and then the Pool

Me and my friends went swimming earlier. It has been long since I had a dip with them. I had been making myself available to my partner for the last 3 months that I didn’t make any plans with these friends. I couldn’t make plans because spending time with Ryan was like a lottery — you have opportunities but it’s stroke of luck that gives you that chance. It left me no best option but to make myself free and available as much as possible.

I cooked spaghetti for them, especially to Maypril’s daughter Z. I like it just like Filipino kids like it —  sweet and with hotdogs. I never outgrew how spaghetti’s tasted when I was young. Today, I cooked again and I added a lot of ground pork and bacon to really make it more delicious. I don’t content myself using only spaghetti sauces, I have to add tomato paste still. I was tempted to separate the pasta from the spaghetti sauce like my friends do but the moment I smelled the cheese melting with the sauce, I couldn’t stop myself from pouring it over the pasta.

                                 I like a little salty flavor in it like some friends do but for today, I wanted it sweet and with lots of cheese. I liked it and it made me happy. Like they say, how one feels when cooking reflects on the taste of what she cooks. My spaghetti was a hit today.

The pool was also so nice. My friend Petite lives in Magallanes Residences, a newly built condominium in Davao. It was elegant, quite, and very relaxing.

I cooked well today and made chocolate lollipops. I swam with friends. I still do miss him but I know it’s mutual. I am one happy woman and today is one great Sunday.