Love it is Still

 Everything started in a way i never imagined. But it all ended up in a relationship i knew i wanted and deserved in the first place. It was initially a rough ride. I seemed running after him all the time. I seemed to be constantly pushing myself to him and be recognized. It was a pursuit of truth beyond words. It was a whole chasing experience.
      But as they say, “love is patient” …. it was. They say you can never lose when you love, only when you hold back. I knew what i had was something i could only imagine. It was something i was always searching for. He was the one who made me feel what i dreamed of was actually something that was real.
       Gradually, I understood his ways. It was slow and relaxing. It was enjoying the moment and just letting pieces fall into place. It was something  that I wasn’t anticipating. I slowed down, smelled the flowers and letting spirits fly. I loved him for who he is now and for who he was. What he had was something I will never want to go through, and to be happy with him is to understand that by heart. To be happy with what we have, is to accept the complexities that come along with who we individually are.
      Things have just begun with us enjoying the affection we both have for each other. Everytime i’m with him, i am thankful.
       I am thankful that he continues to be a friend that i can share my growing years with.   
       I am thankful still for continuing growing and laughing off worries..
       I am thankful for pushing out the doubts  and making me smile,
       I am thankful still, for allowing me to do the same

       I am thankful for love he blurts out at an unexepected times,

       I am thankful at expected times, he continues to love more

       I am thankful for allowing to dream more even with complexities
       I am thankful more allowing to dream ending at being together is always possible

      For the first time, i never feared lasting time with someone. I never feared coming terms with struggle knowing he’ll be beside me. For the first time, i realized that it was true when they said that “you will just feel it” if you had the real thing. Yes, it’s still early but i got tired of being afraid of thinking ahead. I believe that I deserve a lasting love which I can  cherish beyond distance, and beyond time.
       And being a friend at the same time to him, I know he deserves the same.
     I will not say, ” i don’t know where this will lead us”, because it isn’t so. I will just have to say, “I will pray that God guides us to keep what we have strong.” And that hope hard that we continue to be better persons for each other and continue to be right for each other.

      A girl’s checklist is one thing she sees time after time. I believe i have  mine as well and he has his also. And as long as we have each other, no matter what pace we  have, we will continue to love and be happy (even  endure complexities) because it is something we have deserved  for long.