A guide to women about men and marriage

Men and women are respond with how the society dictates them when it comes to relationship and marriage. Women, even on first date, seek in their dates a permanent partner for life. They presume their dates right away as the man of their lives and father of their future child. Women are so hooked to their fairytales that they dream of a happy ending in most of their dates.

However, man respond in a quite different manner. Most of them, find companion first before commitment. They tend to test the waters first before plunging and committing in a relationship. This is why we see a lot of them only adhering to dates for a long time before committing. And when they finally decide to marry, he is someone seen as losing his freedom.

This scenario may not be true to all men and women, but it gives us vital learning to choose well our partners. Women has to accept that his man is a unique human being. His views on relationship may have stormed from the kind of family he has. Women has to understand the uniqueness of his man and where her man’s idea of love and commitment is coming. Assuming right away that her man thinks like she does is very dangerous. It will lead to false assumptions resulting to more problems in the relationship.

Women, has to know if her man respects her need of commitment. These will bring problems for the couples if not resolved. The women will keep being faithful to the relationship while her man remain avoidant to discussions of committing seriously and settling down. If women are into these kind of relationships, the best way is to get out of the relationship, nomatter how painful it may seem. The women will always be left waiting and wondering when his man will get the idea of settling down, and this is more degrading and hurting to women.

Getting married will not even answer these problems. Women jump to marrying decisions in the hope of turning their man into a person who finally values commitment. Marrying without reconciling the couple’s differences will only give more problems than happiness to the couple. Unless, the couple has a healthy relationship, then they should refrain marrying. Marriage is not something you push to your partner in the hope of having a happy ending with your partner. Marriage is a decision made out of love and readiness to share lives with. Love, trust, honesty, and respect should be the foundation of this union. Couples are suppose to complement each other, and relationships bring out the best in every couple. If the couple is not even ready to talk about marriage, then they should not get married.

If you are in a rocky relationship, reflect on your ideas of relationship. If you are different from your boyfriend, then do not settle your own preferences for him right away. You are worth every love and respect, and commitment. And if your boyfriend is not the type who can give you that, then you have to accept that difference and put an end to the line. Women are stronger individuals that they think they are. If your partner in not giving you what you want then there will always be another person who can give you what you know you deserve.