Why do i need a master’s degree?

(november 2005)

i have no specific purpose of placing this in my blog..probably, just to erase a lot of files that has been clogging my PC memory…i am applying for a degree program ( a scholarship) which required this essay ( a short one)…of which, i have to sell myself (as a leader — my goodness! hehehe)to be chosen — it’s a great opportunity worth the battle actually…i masked some of the lines coz it seemed too self-praising ( i needed to do that to get approved — and it worked) –


well here goes ….



 It is only when we maximize our potentials that are we giving justice to what He has given us. This has been a principle I have been living with all these years. I am still in pursuit for higher education for I believe, such endeavour will make me more effective and efficient in fulfilling the goals of my profession, to render utmost care to those who may or may not need it.

I have always believed in democracy and teamwork. And as a leader, I have always worked through many tasks in an authorative but democratic manner. Prior to acquiring my Nursing degree, I studied at the University of the Philippines- Mindanao to earn a degree in BS Applied Mathematics Major in Operations Research and became the UP-Min University Student Council Chairperson then. . My accomplishments include being able also to formulate campus activities which is now a tradition in the academe. I am a sociable person and even with the drive to succeed, I have remained good friends with my peers. Mentioning such, I believe, proves that I am capable of turning plans into reality through making people work and still keeping friendships which is vital to one’s existence,


I don’t believe in mediocrity. I believe that we are given always a chance to prove ourselves better and excel even in fields we think we don’t belong. Leaders are born…but those who are made to be one is as effective as those whose bloodline is to inspire people and create change. Whichever I am, I believe I have the potential. Humility is what we get if we don’t succeed, and that I believe is the greatest learning we get.


The Masters degree I am aspiring, I believe, will give not just provide more knowledge but also credibility and substance to whatever task I will be given in the future. The degree will hasten my skills and capabilities more in bringing change to my life, my profession, and my exacerbating country which has become both my inspiration and mission in life.