U.P. Mindanao: There’s no place like home….

(December 7,2005)


I got excited when a former classmate, Chime, informed us that there will be a UP event this December where the alumni could participate. It has been 5 long years where we haven’t been really active as alumni..not because we didn’t feel like it but maybe because we were so busy pursuing graduate studies…some of us studied Law..some took Medicine..others had a hard time adjusting to their new jobs…as for me, I took up Nursing ( i was the first one from the pioneering batch who took up nursing…)


But I remember the last gimik me and my UP friends had, we talked about UP..we always do. But after 5 years, maybe we had successfully pinned a foot to our new worlds that we sought our old place. We talked about the upcoming PASIKLABAN 05..i never knew such activity existed , I only knew TATAK UPIAN (of course..) but i believe, it was to showcase UP talents. It was the UP Alumni Association who initiated the event (thanks to them). And not just to brag or show-off , we wanted to participate…coz it will bring back old memories and bonding.


I, and chimie, joined the College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) team, i belonged to that college before…Petite, Edsel, Danna joined the Dance Ensemble team..there were other alumni as well. I only mentioned the pioneers…


The theme was all about the heroes and heroines of today….I joined the CSM team who planned to do a 10minute skit . I could very well see that UP students do stand out from the rest… they have a different way of expressing themselves, when you think you know what’s gonna happen..you just don’t … I have no words to describe it..basta when you watch it..you would say “ Kuyawa jud basta taga-UP oi!” ..i was commending all the time (in my head)…the first time I attended practice.


When i attended the practice (once lang ata), i was like a new student in school…for a minute I felt I was a stranger but i thought..”these are people in the same college I was before and some of them has the same course like mine (BS Applied Math)…some were my org mates (Society of Math Majors)..”, it was instant.. I blended right away..( but most of them called me “ate”..hehehe).


Last nyt (dec 3)…I saw what UP Mindanao students has become…and I was in awe with what I saw. .. the presentations were far from being ordinary..they never failed to prove that UP scholars do care about the country..and they are passionate about it. And when they want you to listen to their significant woes, they just don’t scream for you to take notice, they bang your nutshells .


We won 2nd place..the dance ensemble took home the bacon…as usual…talk about how to give a good jazz presentation…when Petite started their show with the line “ SO THIS IS UP?”..it brought memories in a snap…THAT WAS US! when we first laid our eyes on the youngest autonomous campus of UP…kami yun! hehehe… we never had much before in terms of campus get-up… but it didn’t bother too much to make us quit and transfer..not anyone could have the privilege …why give up so easily?


I graduated nursing in Brokenshire College and I am now a part of Davao Doctors College (faculty)…don’t get me wrong… i am not saying, I don’t see their students the way I see the students of my former school.. they are also good… but my passion for my former school is the same as their graduates’ passion for their Alma mater.


I have learned to love the new place and its students…yes I do. But I was bred in UP, and nomatter what the new academe clothes me, I will always be much of a UP Mindanao student … much more, I will always be a UP Mindanao pioneer….(but not being active for a long time made me really guilty)…

Last nyt, I felt life again. I never realized I missed OBLE so bad…But really, in all honesty…… It’s good to be back!