sometimes it just gets soo confusing….

August 2nd, 2007)

When the skies are being stared blankly in the the middle of the night..thoughts of what the future has races like little kids rushing to their mother…..for someone whose life has been planned eversince, uncertainty poses numbness …when things are beyond one’s control, things get shattery… anything to that account…

But who said, somebody could predict behaviors or the future itself?…assumptions are based on history, it might be repeated again or you just have to believe that it will not. but what choice of thought will you make?

Then you turn to yourself…what do you have? what have you become? do you like what you have? for a long time, you felt good about yourself but what if they still find you not enough? only those who are not secured about themselves gets intimidated…but ones happiness is not exactly shared with others, what then will it be?

Nobody is perfect neither is happiness…such thought has to be repeated to oneself all over again…even to those who think they have mastered the norms of humanity…when you have anticipated things to be beyond your control, it still breaks you when it unfolds …to whatever degree, it will still…and if you don’t stand again, or just even try, you will lose even the respect you owe yourself…

Come to think of it, have you?