and smiling again…

(February 5th, 2006)

and just when I thought I could never smile again…life has just its ways of making things brighter for you…or better yet, life has always given us reasons to smile and be inspired at, it’s just us who refuse to take notice………….

just finished my month long lecture on nursing ethics and nursing jurisprudence…i am handling in the hospital area for 3 weeks the 10 students i handled for almost a month last December in the community……and for some unexplainable reasons, these students gave me reasons to face each day with a strong heart…plus maybe the fact that i was about to take an exam which would change the course of my career distracted me from the awful perks of life…..…

then i remembered the one afternoon mass i attended where the priest spoke of facing tomorrow by putting the past behind…it’s the way to be able to see life positively, amidst all the pain it gave you…like they said, the painful life is to you…the better person you become….

do i make sense?… i dunno..but all i know is that, there is a lot for me to be thankful for..i feel them all now…when i tried closing my mind to the misery that has been haunting me…though i still get pulled again sometimes…but so they say that it’s not always easy…well it’s all part of life…and it’s all good…

..last tues, i was with a lawyer, a UP professor, masters degree holder from the netherlands, a UP patriot in an NGO, a pawnshop supervisor and call agent trainor (who was the main reason we went out of our shells)…and we enjoyed the night like 10 years ago when we just met and explored the lights of the city…… kulang kami but it was fun…and being with them is just one of the most valuable reasons i have to be happy about.

what i realized a month after 2006 came is that… is too short to wake in the morning with regrets…that we should love the people who treat us right, forget the ones who don’t (even if their love is what you wanted), and believe that everything happens for a reason no matter how stupid you have become… we should know good things and people when you see them, even if they don’t have sparks at the start….

If we get a chance, take it..and if it changes our lives, then we should let it… nobody said it would be easy, they just said it would be all be worth it. =)